Amazing !!

I've also been hooked since the first time I had my eyelashes done by Amanda. I was amazed to find out how much time it saves me while getting ready for work in the mornings, and how confident I feel, even with hardly any makeup on at all! I have talked to people that get their extensions done elsewhere, and I'm always surprised when they tell me how much time and money they spent, and how often they have to go back. Amanda's work is far superior, and the quality of products she uses makes a huge difference...To the point that I carry around a stack of her business cards in my purse so that when I get compliments on my lashes (which is literally every day!), I can share with other women how affordable and maintenance-free having perpetually AMAZING eyelashes can be! You're simply the best, Amanda!

Katie Wulliman

By Michelle

I always wanted to try eyelash extensions and I found a Groupon for Venus.  Both my daughter and I got our lahes done for our vacation and they look amazing! I really love them because I don’t hae to wear any eyeliner on top anymore (I never went anywhere w/o eyeliner before!)  I decided to get them refilled at a place closer to my house but they did an awful job so I am going back to Amanda. I highly recommend her!

By Kelley

I wanted to try eyelash extensions just for the fun of it and now I’m addicted! I no longer have to wear mascara or eye makeup its that great! The synthetic extensions are really dramatic and make you stand out while the mink are more authentic and natural looking. I get compliments daily and I cant see myself without them…. Amanda is wonderful and an artist! One very satisfied customer here 🙂

By Yesenia

I recently got my eyelashes done by Amanda. She did an amazing job! She has had 3 yrs experience and was very very quick (only about an hour). I am so happy with how my lashes look! I think my eyes look much bigger and now i wont have to wear as much makeup. The prices are very fair specially for how many lashes you receive. I will definitive be driving back (an hour away) to get them refilled.

By Rachel Farrell

This was my first time visiting Venus eyelash and I will be going back. Amanda is truly professional and my eyes look great. her pricing is reasonable and the quality of work is expert eyes are really pretty.

By Chanda

I can’t remember the last time I felt so pretty without any make up on. Amanda was professional and nice. I will be coming back! 🙂 

By Michelle

I LOVE my eyelash extensions! Amanda does a fabulous job and as others have mentioned, I do not wear any eye make-up and my eyes always look awesome! I started my extensions two months ago in preparation for my wedding and will continue after I get married. I tried getting extensions at a different location and those certainly did not compare to the high quality job that Amanda does. (They sincerely last 3 weeks between appointments too!) 

By Casey

I have been a loyal client of Venus Eyelash Extensions since February 2012. I purchase a coupon deal and never looked back, I’m hooked! Amanda is so sweet and personable, beyond the fact that she does an AMAZING job! Many days the only makeup I put on is foundation, my eyes look good everyday! 

By Renelle

I found a Groupon deal for Venus Eyelash Extensions and decided to try it out. I am so happy with the results. I dont have to put on mascara; just apply a touch of eyeliner and bam! Beautiful! I took a shower like normal and they are still on today. I’m pretty impressed! 🙂 

By Charissa

I cant live without my lashes now…they have given me freedom to go without makeup on down time..It is sooooo wonderful to not wear masara. I dont miss the dark cicles mascra makes.I will never be without my lashes.If you have small eyes or short lashes….this will make you so happy…Promise! 

By Sonjia

Amanda does amazing work. Numerous people ask me how I have such long lashes because they look so real and gorgeous. I recommend her to everyone! 

By Dana

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